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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Results for the Candidates Endorsed by the OPP in the May 2022 Primary Election

The Oregon Progressive Party endorsed these candidates running in the May 17, 2022, primary election:

Non-Partisan Office
OR Labor Commissioner
Chris Henry6th place
Portland City Auditor
Brian Setzler
2nd place
Portland City Council
Jo Ann Hardesty
1st place*

Office Sought in PrimaryCandidateResult
Governor (D)
Patrick Starnes
3rd place
U.S. Congress #2 (D)
Adam Prine
2nd place
U.S. Congress #4 (D)
Doyle Canning
2nd place
Oregon House #19 (D)
Jackie Leung
Oregon House #41 (D) Mark Gamba
1st place
Oregon House #44 (D)
Eric Delehoy
Oregon House #45 (D) Catherine Thomasson
2nd place

*Jo Ann Hardesty earned 44% of the vote in the 11-candidate
race for Portland City Commissioner #3.  That puts her in a
runoff against Rene Gonzalez (23%) in November 2022.

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